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Simplifying Ecuador and Galapagos travel planning

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We are a tour operator that offers a unique blend of luxury and soft adventure, giving your clients the ultimate authentic experience to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador.

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Make Your Clients' Vacation Dreams a Reality

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Galagents is a tour operator dedicated to providing the best possible travel experience, from start to finish. By being part of reputable organizations and holding certifications, you can be sure that our team is well-informed, knowledgeable, and equipped to handle all aspects of your trip planning.

Streamline your planning with Galagents

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We'll help you expand your destination catalog by including unique experiences in the Galapagos Islands. With us by your side, you can increase your client data base and improve your profits without hiring more staff.

2. Enjoy seamless booking and arrangements

Galagents will handle all necessary bookings and arrangements, provide a single point of contact for customer service and support, and offer an online booking platform for easy and efficient bookings.

3. Deliver exceptional Galapagos experience to your clients

Let us help you customize an unforgettable trip for your clients and take the hassle away from researching the destination.

Say goodbye to hours of research,
let us help you plan your client's trips

The travel planning process is complicated and can be overwhelming for travel agents. You must research destinations, book flights and hotels, coordinate tours and experiences, and manage customer inquiries and payments.

As your trusted advisor and a one-stop-shop for your client’s needs, Galagents offers you the opportunity to simplify the travel planning process to Galapagos and Ecuador and by doing it so, grow your travel business.

7 Mistakes Travel Agents Make When Selling Galapagos Tours

Uncover the common mistakes that travel agents make when selling Galapagos tours and avoid losing potential clients and profits. Download our free guide to learn how to ensure a seamless and successful Galapagos tour experience for your clients.

Impress your clients with unique and unforgettable experiences in Ecuador and Galapagos

  • Have the benefit of 24/7 live assistance for you and your passengers

  • Start promoting a destination that will make your agency more profitable and improve your income

  • Say goodbye to worrying about your passengers' safety, as we maintain control over the travel operation