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About the Company

The Galagents team is built up by a varied group of experts, each one specialized in specific areas, contributing constantly to the development of our company.

We wisely screen each candidate to make sure their skills not only meet our standards but exceed them in every step of the way.

Galagents Quito Headquarters

Quito Office

Our company is divided in six departments, each one their specific purpose to maintain Galagents working competently.

Administrative Management 

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International Sale

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Local Sales

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Operations Quito

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Quality Control

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Galapagos Logistic Office

Galapagos Headquarters

Our Galapagos branch is located in Puerto Ayora, in the 3 floors GALAGENTS building, where the administrative, logistics, operations, accounting and storage departments work in a perfect synchronization with the headquarters in Quito.

Administrative Management 

Operations Galapagos

Social Responsability and Ecological Practices

The Galapagos Islands

Environmentally- friendly practices have been one of the main objectives of our business since the beginning, as the owners and managers are 100% Galapegueños.

This subject becomes more important as the company works on a philosophy of taking care of the archipelago environment, starting from minimum details such as office recycling to actions that really impact the conservation of the planet with ecological procedures on board our fleet.

Social Responsability Galapagos - Galagents
AUGUST 08, 2016

Support local juveniles in real on board experiences

Galapagos schools Galo Plaza solidarity support
JULY 26, 2019

Hand by hand children support
NOVEMBER 27, 2019

Help senior citizens with a place to exercise

Environmental practice Galapagos
JUNE 5, 2019

Work with local reforestation projects

Our Philosophy

Quality Management - Galagents

Our philosophy is working with nature to ensure the less footprint, while increasing our guest’s experiences.

From supporting the community by working with local artists, collaborating with local schools by providing scholarships, Galagents and its administration really believes that paying back is not only a matter of responsibility, it is a matter of leaving a legacy to the ones behind us.

Mónica Frías
Quality Manager


Piqueros and San Cristobal
Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island.
Galapagos - Ecuador